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  We generally see a puppy 3 to 4 times during his or her youth.  If you have a stray puppy
or if this puppy came from a mom who was not vaccinated, we need to begin at 6
weeks of age, if possible.  We strongly recommend a fecal (stool sample) analysis at your
first visit.  You can choose to decline testing, but this is the ONLY way to be sure
that your pet is free of any parasites, including tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms,
whipworms, giardia and coccidia.  What are these parasites and what to they do to my puppy?
At this time, we will set up a deworming schedule for your puppy and he/she will receive
a puppy distemper booster.
What is Canine Distemper?

  At 8 weeks of age, we will give a distemper booster.

  At 12 weeks, he or she will again receive distemper and leptospirosis boosters.
What is Leptospirosis?  
 We begin giving heartworm preventative at this age.  We recommend Sentinel or Interceptor.  
What is Heartworm Disease? 

  Finally, at 16 weeks of age, your kitten receives his or her last distemper & leptospirosis boosters, as well as a 1-year Rabies vaccine.  What is Canine Rabies?

  When a year has passed, we will give a 3-year Rabies vaccine as well as distemper and
lepto vaccines.

  After that, we will see your pet on an annual basis and give vaccines according to his/her
lifestyle.  If any concerns arise at any time, please call our office.  We're here to help you.


Please let us know if your puppy (or adult dog) will be boarded at a kennel and/or attending puppy classes.  We will give a bordetella (or "kennel cough") vaccine, which is usually given intranasally and needs to be boostered in 3 to 4 weeks with an injection for full immunity.  This vaccine is required by all kennels, obedience trainers, and some groomers as well.  Check with your facility's policy before your visit so nothing is overlooked. What is Bordetella?